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Jacketed Pipe & Fittings

Flextrol’s standard jacketed pipe consists of a full length jacket that is welded to the back of oversized flanges. The core (product) pipe is welded to the bore of the flanges. Partial coverage jacketed pipe made with flanges that match the product line size is also available. A partial jacket is welded to the core pipe near the back of the flange. Jacketed pipe can also be produced using lap joint, weld-neck and insert type flanges. Jacket ports are normally 3000 PSIG female NPT half couplings arranged 180° apart: 1/2″ ports for up to 2 1/2″ pipe, 3/4″ ports for 3″ through 6″ pipe and 1″ ports for larger pipe sizes.

Consult with Flextrol for specific dimensions. Custom pipe can be provided combining elbows, tees, etc. per the customer’s drawing.

Flextrol’s jacketed elbows, tees, crosses and reducers are fabricated from the highest quality materials in various combinations of carbon and stainless steel or other alloys. While 150 and 300 PSIG flanges are standard, other designs and pressure ratings are available. The weld-on design, utilizing oversized flanges is Flextrol’s standard for jacketed pipe fittings. The advantages and features of Flextrol’s jacketed pipe also apply to jacketed pipe fittings.

Flextrol also provides bolt-on jackets for pipe fittings. Contact us for dimensions and/or drawings.

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