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Custom Fabricated Metal Hose & More

Flextrol offers a broad range of hose for virtually any application imaginable. Please make a selection from the categories below for more information:

Corrugated Metal Hose

Corrugated Flexible Metal Hose

Our standard corrugated metal hose is made by forming annular corrugations into a thin wall welded tube. It is pressure tight and ideal for vibration, continuous flexing and, when properly designed and installed, thermal expansion and contraction. Helical hose is also available. We offer T-321 stainless steel, T-316 stainless steel, bronze, monel, and hasteloy corrugated hose.

Jump-Over Hose

Flexible Metal Jumpover Hose

Flextrol also provides jumpover hoses to interconnect the numerous jackets in a jacketed piping system. These hoses are available in standard diameters of 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ male NPT pipe. Jumpover hoses are made from stainless steel flexible hose, and can be insulated with fiberglass/silicone covers. Standard lengths include 24″,28″ and 30″ with other lengths available.


The Illustration shows how jumpover hoses interconnect jacket sections in series. The photograph shows a typical valve jacket to pipe jacket connection.

Crossover Hose.jpg
Flex-C-Loop Hose

Flex-C-Loop Hose

Our new Flex-C-Loop provides flexibility to piping systems to absorb movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction as well as seismic movement. Custom designed to accommodate any amount of movement, Flex-C-Loops offer many advantages over traditional movement solutions. Compact Flex-C-Loops require much less space than hard pipe loops, making them ideal for indoor application where space is limited. Where as metal bellows and rubber expansion joints impose large pressure thrust forces on a piping system, Flex-C-Loops introduce zero thrust loads. Additionally Flex-C-Loops have very low spring rates compared to expansion joints. The end result is that smaller more economical anchors and fewer pipe guides are required in the system.


Flextrol can assist in calculating the amount of thermal movement in your pipe system.  Call us for details about Flex-C-Loop and how it might be the best product for your application.

Flex Loop.jpg

PTFE Smooth Bore Hose

Smooth bore braided PTFE hose is capable of carrying a wide range of difficult-to-handle media such as chemicals, steam, solvents, inks and dyes, paint, injectable materials and plastisols. It is used for a variety of applications such as sanitary transfer, bottle filling, gas analysis, extrusion presses and molding/adhesive conveying. The temperature ratings for this kind of hose are quite broad: -100ºF to 450ºF.

PTFE smooth bore hose offers improved vacuum ratings and damage resistance. It cleans easily with steam, detergent or caustic and can be autoclaved.

Available in both true bore and nominal bore.

PTFE Smooth Bore Hose.jpg
FEP Rubber Covered Hose

Rubber Covered
Fluoropolymer Hose

Smooth bore fluoropolymer tube is internally bonded to multiple polyester ply cords and EPDM rubber reinforcement, then further strengthened with a high tensile strength carbon steel wire support. The EPDM rubber hose cover is ozone, abrasion and chemically resistant. While our standard color is green, this rubber cover is available in different colors which can help you identify specific process lines or trace it by department.



  • Unsurpassed chemical resistance

  • Easy to clean

    • Assured sterility

    • Non-stick smooth tube

    • Can be cleaned with steam, caustics, solvents, or other cleaning agents

  • Durable, kink resistant with non external wire reinforcement

  • Full vacuum rated

  • FDA approved

  • Temperature rating: -40ºF to 350ºF

Rubber Covered Hose.jpg
PTFE Convoluted Hose

Convoluted Fluoropolmer Hose

A convoluted fluoropolymer hose has a heavy inner wall of fluoropolymer with a stainless steel or polypropylene outer braid. The convoluted inner tubes are low profile and have a helical formed shape which promotes draining. These types of hoses are used in chemical plants, food processing and pharmaceutical companies, petrochemical sites, pulp and paper processors and general industrial companies of all types. The temperature ratings for these hoses range from -65ºF to 400ºF.

convoluted hose.jpg
Interlock Metal Hose
Smooth Bore Interlock Hose.jpg


Rough Bore Interlock Hose.jpg


Interlocked Metal Hose

Interlocked hose is used for specialized industrial applications and is available in different metals, sizes, and styles. Interlock is a term used with flexible metal hose meaning the hose winding is mechanically locked together and cannot come apart unless the metal is yielded. Adjacent edges are folded together to form the interlocked convolutions.


To make sure the hose is pressure tight or to minimize leakage, a packing material may be inserted into the preformed groove within the interlock.


The packing acts as a gasket seal along the entire length of the hose. Interlocked metal hose is extremely flexible and light weight. The sliding action that the hose makes is what provides the flexibility. When the convolutions on the outside of the hose are fully open, and the convolutions on the inside are fully closed, the minimum bend radius is achieved. Should the hose be forced upon its limits, it will deform permanently. Pressure tight hose is significantly less flexible because the packing material produces a greater resistance to the sliding action. 

This image shows a cut-away of smooth bore metal interlocked hose with packing in place.


This image shows shows a cut-away of rough bore metal interlocked hose with and without  packing in place.

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