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Weld-On Valve Jacketing

Flextrol’s Weld-on Valve Jackets are produced in full coverage or partial coverage designs. The weld-on design places the heating media in direct contact with the valve body, thereby ensuring excellent and reliable heat transfer. The valve bonnet may also be jacketed. Our standard rating is 150 PSIG at 650°F. Other pressure and temperature ratings are available. The jacket can be fabricated in carbon steel, stainless steel, or other alloys. All finished jacketed valves are pressure tested on both the heating side and the process side before shipment. Normally, we provide 1/2″ female NPT ports on 1″ through 2 1/2″ valves, 3/4″ ports on 3″ through 6″ valves, and 1″ ports on 8″ and larger valves. Flanged ports are also available.

Full Coverage with Oversized Flanges
This design allows heating media to contact both the valve body and that portion of the flange within the bolt circle. Standards for this design require that the flanges be oversized by one full size over the valve size. The finished face-to-face dimension will conform to ANSI standards for the oversized flange.

Full Coverage with standard Flanges
Standard flanged valves can also be fully jacketed. This compact design is accomplished by installing blind, tapped inserts in the flange bolt holes, with the jacket welded to the periphery of the flange. Flextrol’s unique design will allow the heating media to come into contact with the valve body and flanges.

Partial Coverage with Standard Flanges
When standard flanges are required and full coverage is not necessary, partial coverage is appropriate. The reliability and excellent heat transfer characteristics of the weld-on jacket are retained, but flange heating is indirect. In the partial coverage design, only the mid-section of the valve body is enclosed in the jacket, thereby leaving clearance for flange bolt-up. Flextrol Partial Jackets can be added to most valves such as ball, globe, plug, gate, butterfly, check and sampling valves and also other process equipment.

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