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Jacketed Metal Hose

Flextrol’s Jacketed hose consists of flexible metal hose for both the core and outer jacket. This allows flexibility for the following examples of applications:

Heated processes

  • Rail car and tank truck loading/unloading

  • Flexible connections to vibrating equipment

  • To relieve pump housing stresses

  • Hazardous material piping system using an alarmed vacuum jacket

  • Vacuum jacketed hoses for heat insulation or as safety barrier for toxic processes


Standard core constructions are available in sizes from 1/4″ to 24″ in T-321 and T-316L stainless steel with outer jackets available up to 30″. Standard jacket ports are 3000 lb. female NPT pipe couplings arranged 180° apart. Other port configurations, pressure ratings, end fittings and materials are available.

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