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PTFE Expansion Joints

PTFE lined joints are used largely by the pulp and paper industry and easily handle white, green, and black liquors. They are ideal for bleach plant chlorination and caustic extraction stages. PTFE lined joints can successfully handle almost any application in chemical plants within the pressure/temperature rating of the expansion joints and they are suitable against the full PH range.


  • Great chemical resistance

  • Low stiffness and deflection forces

  • All sizes have a full vacuum rating

  • Standard face to face dimensions

  • Absorbs all directional movement

  • Reduces noise, vibration, and shock in a system

  • Lightweight and high strength

  • Ideal for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and ultra pure water applications

Expansion joints may operate in pipelines or equipment carrying fluids and/or gases at elevated temperatures and pressures. Precaution should be taken to insure proper installation and regular inspection. Care is required to protect personnel in the event of leakage or splash.

ptfe expansion joint.jpeg
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